Our story

Book Writing Ltd, a publishing company with the mission to support writers from diverse backgrounds, has a set of goals that are both inclusive and empowering. These goals are designed to foster a culture of creativity and learning in the literary world. Here’s an overview of their objectives:

One of the primary goals is to nurture and encourage creativity among writers. This involves providing a platform where writers can express their unique voices and storytelling styles without the constraints often imposed by mainstream publishing standards. Book Writing Ltd aims to be an outlet for innovative and original literary work.

Recognizing the importance of reading in inspiring and cultivating writers, the company seeks to promote reading across various demographics. This could involve initiatives to make literature more accessible to different communities, organizing reading events, or collaborating with libraries and educational institutions.

Book Writing Ltd aims to support in-depth research and study in the field of literature. This could include funding or publishing scholarly works, supporting literary research projects, and encouraging critical studies in literature, thereby contributing to the academic side of the literary world.

The company seeks to provide learning opportunities for aspiring writers and industry professionals. This can be through workshops, seminars, writing retreats, or mentorship programs where individuals can learn from experienced professionals in the field.

A key goal is to build a community where writers can connect, collaborate, and support each other. This community aspect is crucial in providing a sense of belonging and mutual support among writers, especially for those who are new or coming from underrepresented backgrounds.

Recognizing the richness that diverse voices bring to literature, the company is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. This means actively seeking out and giving a platform to writers from various cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds, as well as different levels of experience and expertise.

Beyond just writing, the company aims to help individuals interested in various aspects of the book industry. This could include careers in publishing, editing, book design, and marketing, ensuring a holistic approach to supporting the literary ecosystem.

Book Writing Ltd aims to be at the forefront of innovation in publishing. This could involve embracing new technologies, exploring alternative publishing models, and staying adaptable to the changing dynamics of the literary market.

By focusing on these goals, Book Writing Ltd not only contributes to the flourishing of the literary world but also ensures that voices from all walks of life are heard and celebrated in the realm of literature. Their commitment to inclusivity, learning, and creativity marks them as a progressive force in the publishing industry.