Publishing Assistance

Our platform offers comprehensive publishing services that suit your needs.

Publishing Assistance

ISBN Allocation: Providing or facilitating the acquisition of an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for each book, which is crucial for distribution and sales tracking.

Cover Design: Professional cover design services to create visually appealing and marketable book covers.

Interior Layout: Formatting the interior of the book to ensure it is ready for both print and digital publication, including proper typography, spacing, and page layout.

Distribution Channels

Platform Publishing: Authors can publish their books directly on the platform’s marketplace, often benefiting from built-in marketing tools and an existing reader base.

External Distribution: Assistance with distributing books to major online retailers and platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play Books.

Print on Demand: Services to facilitate printing physical copies of books only when orders are received, reducing upfront costs and inventory management for authors.

Author Support and Community

Workshops and Webinars: Educational resources such as workshops, webinars, and tutorials on writing, publishing, and marketing.

Author Communities: Access to online communities where authors can share experiences, seek advice, and network with peers.

Customer Support: Dedicated customer support to assist authors with any issues or questions throughout the writing and publishing process.

Benefits of Using our Platform

Comprehensive Support: Authors receive end-to-end support from writing to distribution, ensuring a smoother publishing process.

Professional Quality: Access to professional editing, design, and marketing services helps authors produce high-quality books that stand out in the market.

Wide Distribution:Our platform enables authors to reach a global audience by distributing their books across multiple major retailers.

Cost-Effective: Print-on-demand and digital distribution reduce upfront costs and financial risk for authors.

Time-Saving: Streamlined processes and professional assistance save authors time, allowing them to focus more on writing.